Neples Pizza – Wine menu



Montepuleciano D’abruzzo Capestrano

Italy. Hints of blackberri es and black cherries. ( Easy, good pizza wine)
Glass 7.5O • Quartino 11.5O ·Bottle 28

Chainti, San Fabiano

Italy. Dark vibrant chianti, light and fragrant.
Glass 8.5O • Quartino l2.75 • Bollle 32

Pinot Noir, Guinoc

California. Cherry, white pepper and spice flavors accompanied by hints of oak. Q
Glass 8 • Quartino • 12 • Bottle 30



Petit Sirah, Handcraft

California. Soft tannins with blueberry, plum and mocha.
Glass 7 • Quartino l O.5O • Bottle 26

Cabernet Shannon Ridge

California. Earthy tannins with fresh fruit and spice.
Glass 9 • Quartino 13.5O • Bottle 34

Nero D’avola Cusumano

Sicily. This wine displays fresh aromas of red and black berries. Well-rounded with firm tannins
Glass 8 • Quartino 12 • Bottle 30

Malbec Septima

Argentina. Dark in color with berry flavors and hints of spice.
Glass 8.5O • Quartino 12.75 ·Bottle 32

Cab Franc, Puydeval

France. Well ba lanced spicy aromas of black cherry and blackberry and a hint of anise.
Glass 9 • Quartino 13.5O • Bottle 32

Noble Vines’446′

California. Light oak flavors layered with melon and tropical fruit.
Glass 8 • Quartino 12 • Bottle 30

Sauvignon Blanc, Nobilo

New Zealand. Crisp & acidic with fresh tropical and citrus fruit.
Glass 8.5O • Quartino 12.75 • Bottle 32

Pinot Grigio, Rapido

Italy . Easy to drink, delicate aromas with hints of pear. Dry and full-bodied.
Glass 7 • Quartino 1O.5O • Bottle 26

Prosecco, Prima Perla

Italy Crisp, clean and refreshing with flavors and aromas of pears, peaches, green melons and citrus with a touch of honey and vanilla.
187 ML Bottle 9.00

Rose Domain De Guillaman

France. It has delicious vanilla flavors, red and white fruits all laced with a good citrus element and a bright aftertaste. Glass 75O • Quartino 11.5O • Bottle 28

White Sangria

Sauvignon blanc, orange blossom, peach, white cranberry, bubbles.
Glass 6.95 • Quartino 10.00

Red Sangria

Cabernet sauvignon, ginger, pomegranate, orange, bubbles.
Glass 6.95 • Quartino 10.00


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