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At Naples Pizza you can choose from a variety of Pizzas to satisfy your hunger. We have 23 different toppings that you can add to any pizza or get creative and create your own. We have Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Peppers, Sausage, Meatball, Broccoli, Eggplant, Onion, Olives, Fresh Tomato, Ricotta Cheese, Roasted Garlic, Sundried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Fresh Jalapenos, Spinach, Anchovies, Artichoke Hearts, Pineapple, Shrimp, Chicken, and Clams. We also have 9 different specialty pies that you can choose from. There’s 5 listed down below but if you would like to see the full list please click here.

Fresh Mozzarella Pizza– TRADITIONAL ITALIAN PIZZA. Our pizza sauce topped with handmade fresh mozzarella straight out of NY.

Fresh Tomato and Basil- Fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil and mozzarella. Red or White.

Naples Special- Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onions and olives.

Shrimp- Red onions, capers, fresh basil and roasted garlic (red or white.)

BBQ Chicken- Fresh grilled chicken breast cooked in barbecue sauce.


Pizza Restaurant – Farmington CT, West Hartford CT

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